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Can Dogs Eat Turnips?

Turnips are one of many root vegetables that can be safe to add to your dog’s diet. Find out the best ways to serve turnips to your dog.

White turnip bunch and loose turnips on a cutting board.


Turnips are one of the more common root vegetables (along with beets and radishes) that people may wonder about being safe to feed their dog.

Yes, dogs can eat turnips and they can actually be a healthy addition to their diet.

Like many vegetables, turnips are high in vitamin C, fiber, folate and magnesium. They can help support your dog’s metabolism and nervous system.

Since they’re a low-carb root vegetable (like celeriac), they’re also ok for dogs with diabetes or blood glucose issues unlike some sweeter fruits and vegetables which should be given in very limited amounts.

Turnips can also help improve kidney function as they’re a natural diuretic.

Many often lump turnips and parsnips together as they’re usually cooked together and sold together in the grocery store.

Since we’ve already answered the question “can dogs eat parsnips” we’ll focus solely on the turnip today.

White Hakurei turnips.


Like jicama, another root vegetable safe for dog consumption, raw or cooked, turnips are safe for your dog to eat either way.

If you want to use turnips as a snack or treat, feeding small amounts of chopped raw turnip can be a healthy option.

Otherwise, cooking the turnip by either boiling, steaming or roasting are all easy methods to add this root vegetable to your dog’s diet along with their food.

Mashed turnips along with a balanced canine diet are probably the easiest way to incorporate them and the easiest on your dog’s digestion.

If you’re lucky enough to get turnips with the greens still attached, there’s tons of added nutrients in the leafy stems. Don’t discard them!

Turnip greens are delicious sautéed in some olive oil for humans and can also be fed to dogs either raw or cooked.

Sometimes, the way people most enjoy turnips is by pickling them. We don’t recommend feeding dogs anything pickled.

Just like beets and cucumbers, pickled turnips shouldn’t be something included in your dog’s diet due to the increased chance of outside ingredients that could be detrimental to their health such as sodium, garlic, onions, etc.

Loose raw white turnips.


All in all turnips are not toxic and can be safely added into your dog’s diet in moderation.

However, if your dog has any thyroid issues, turnips should be avoided as they can potentially suppress the functioning of the thyroid gland.


Turnips come in many varieties. Shown here are small white Harukei turnips also known as Japanese turnips.

You may be more familiar with the larger purple and white Globe turnip typically sold in grocery stores.

Regardless of variety, however, dogs can eat any type of turnip.

Whether it’s purchased at the store, a farmer’s market or grown in your backyard garden, this is a healthy vegetable that both humans and dogs can enjoy!