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Can Dogs Eat Parsnips?

Wondering if root vegetables like parsnips are ok for your dog to eat? We go over all the facts so you have all the information you need before incorporating them into your dog’s diet.

Two parsnips on a cutting board.


We’ve talked about some root vegetables before (see – can dogs eat celery root? and can dogs eat beets?) but perhaps you’re wondering if parsnips would be a good addition to your dog’s diet.

The short answer is – yes!

Parsnips are safe for dogs to eat and can be a great source of vitamin C, vitamin B6, folate and potassium.

And of course, like any vegetable, they’re high in fiber which can aid in digestive issues.

Their antioxidants can be helpful in cancer prevention and parsnips also help stimulate kidney function in dogs with kidney disease.

Medium sized parsnips on a cutting board.


Like we’ve mentioned before, with many foods such as parsnips, it’s best to limit your dog’s consumption to no more than 10% of their diet.

Even a healthy food like parsnips should be viewed as a “treat” for your pup.

Serving size will depend on the size of your dog. A large dog may be able to enjoy half a medium parsnip while smaller dogs should be given much less.

Peeled parsnips on a cutting board.


Parsnips are safe for dogs to eat both cooked and raw.

If you have a dog that loves raw carrots, they may enjoy a small piece of raw parsnip. However, raw parsnips have a strong taste and not every dog will be down with it.

When cooked, their flavor mellows out quite a bit and therefore your dog may enjoy them more in cooked form.

There is benefit to the crunchy texture of raw parsnips though. Chewing a crunchy vegetable like this can help with your dog’s dental hygiene by helping to break off tartar build up. Raw parsnips can work similarly to raw bones in this process.

Peeled parsnips cut into "fries" on a parchment lined baking sheet.


Many people group turnips, a similar root vegetable, in the same category as parsnips and wonder if dogs can eat them too.

Turnips are another root vegetable that are also safe for your dog to eat.

If you happen to be cooking the two together (like many do in a roasted root vegetable dish), there’s no harm in giving your dog some of the cooked turnips or parsnips.

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Roasted parsnip fries on a baking sheet.


We love enjoying parsnip fries with our meals often. If making a batch for us, we always bake a small batch for the dogs too (leaving off the garlic for theirs).

Chances are your dog will love a couple parsnip fries as a treat as well!

If you have a dehydrator, try making dried parsnip strips (aka vegetable jerky). It’s a healthy and delicious option for both humans and canines! Our eggplant jerky recipe is another great one to make in the dehydrator too.

Other ways to cook parsnips for your dog are to steam the parsnips and serve in small chunks or mash it into a puree.

Serving them cooked with your dog’s food or as part of a homemade dog food recipe is a great way to incorporate this healthy root vegetable into your dog’s diet.

Remember not to overdo it. A little goes a long way with any added vegetables in your dog’s diet.