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8 Reasons Why Dogs Dig and How To Stop It

Paste your introductionDoes your dog seem to think they’re a part-time archaeologist, always digging up your backyard? While it might be frustrating to see your garden turned into a series of excavation sites, there are often valid reasons behind this behavior. From hunting instincts to simply burning off excess energy, understanding why dogs dig is the first step to stopping it. to your WP article here.

Two brown dogs digging in the dirt energetically in a sunny park, with dirt flying into the air behind them.
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Bulldog laying on the carpet floor.
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When dogs get bored, they might turn your garden into a personal playground. Spice up their routine with puzzle toys, new tricks, and extra playtime. Keep their minds busy and their paws out of the dirt!

Excess Energy

Chocolate lab playing tug-o-war with pull toy.
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A dog full of energy can quickly become a digging machine. Amp up their exercise regimen with more frequent walks, runs, or tug-of-war sessions. A tired dog is a happy, non-digging dog!

Hunting Instincts

Two brown dogs digging in the dirt energetically in a sunny park, with dirt flying into the air behind them.
Photo credit: Depositphotos.

Some dogs dig as if they’re on a treasure hunt for critters. If your yard has become a hunting ground, try to remove the pests and offer a sandbox for exclusive digging fun where they can hunt for toys instead of wildlife.

Comfort and Protection

A golden retriever dog energetically digs a hole in the dirt, getting its coat covered with mud.
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On hot days, your dog might dig to create a cool refuge. Make sure they have a comfy, shaded spot to relax and chill mats or cooling beds to beat the heat without turning your yard into a bunker.

Anxiety or Stress

A Labrador sitting on a kitchen floor surrounded by torn paper, looking up with a guilty expression.
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Digging can be an outlet for a stressed pup. Address what’s stressing them out—whether it’s separation anxiety or too little company—and consider calming aids or a consultation with a behaviorist.

Following Scents

Two dogs digging holes in the grass, one brown and white, the other black and white.
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If your dog is on the scent trail, digging can become their favorite hobby. Redirect their sniffing spree with designated scent games or training exercises that let them use their nose without upturning your garden.

Territorial Behavior

A dog digging in the sand, showing only its hind legs and tail, with its head buried out of view.
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Dogs often dig to mark their territory, especially if they feel threatened by another pet or animal. Enhance their sense of security with clear boundaries and plenty of attention. Consider obedience training to reinforce your role as the alpha, helping them feel protected and less inclined to mark territory aggressively.

Breeding Instincts

A dachshund dog with glossy brown fur lying comfortably in a wicker basket lined with a soft cushion.
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Some breeds, like terriers and dachshunds, are natural diggers due to their breeding history. Acknowledge this trait and channel their digging into appropriate activities. Set up a designated digging zone where it’s okay to dig, or engage them in sports like earthdog trials, which cater to these instincts.

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