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These 10 Dog Breeds Are Born to Swim

Dogs are known for their diverse skills, and some of them are true water enthusiasts. Whether they’re diving into lakes, swimming in the ocean, or just splashing around in the pool, certain breeds are natural-born swimmers. Take a look at ten dog breeds that absolutely love the water and are amazing swimmers. If water sports are a love of yours, one of these breeds might be your new best friend.

A brown dog wearing a black harness swims in a body of water, with ripples visible around it.
Photo credit: Depositphotos.

Labrador Retriever

Lab lying on dog bed.
Photo credit: Pexels.

Labs are natural swimmers with webbed feet and water-resistant coats. They love to splash around and are often used in water rescue missions.


A large, wet Newfoundland dog stands on the shore of a lake, with water dripping from its fur. Trees and a few houses are visible in the background.
Photo credit: Depositphotos.

These gentle giants are born water dogs. With their strong build and swimming prowess, they’re often employed in lifesaving water rescues.

Portuguese Water Dog

A black curly-haired dog with a red collar stands on a sandy beach, with the waves and a cloudy sky in the background.
Photo credit: YayImages.

As the name suggests, this breed has a long history of working on fishing boats. Their curly coat and strong swimming ability make them excellent water companions.

Chesapeake Bay Retriever

A brown dog wearing a black harness swims in a body of water, with ripples visible around it.
Photo credit: Depositphotos.

Known for their endurance and strength, Chessies are exceptional swimmers. Their dense, oily coat helps them brave the cold waters of the Chesapeake Bay.

Golden Retriever

A golden retriever sitting in a chair at a restaurant.
Photo credit: Pexels.

Goldens are not just friendly and intelligent but also love the water. Their powerful strokes and enthusiasm make them fantastic swimmers.

Irish Water Spaniel

Two Irish Water Spaniels with curly dark brown coats and tongues out, standing side by side outdoors.
Photo credit: Depositphotos.

With a unique curly coat and natural swimming skills, these spaniels are both excellent hunters and enthusiastic water lovers.

Standard Poodle

Two poodles, one white and one black, being judged at a dog show, with handlers presenting them on a green carpeted area.
Photo credit: YayImages.

Often mistaken for just being fancy, Standard Poodles are actually great swimmers with a history in water retrieval. Their curly coat helps keep them buoyant.

Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

A brown dog with a white chest and paws lies on a stone ledge in front of a flowerbed, looking to the side and panting with an open mouth.
Photo credit: Depositphotos.

Tollers are energetic and love the water. They were bred to lure and retrieve ducks, showcasing their incredible swimming skills.


A brown, curly-haired dog stands on a grassy area, looking to the right.
Photo credit: Depositphotos.

This rare breed has a long history of being a waterfowl retriever. Their webbed feet and water-resistant coat make them adept swimmers.

Spanish Water Dog

A shaggy brown dog with a tennis ball in its mouth stands on a sandy beach with the ocean and rocks in the background.
Photo credit: Depositphotos.

Agile and versatile, these dogs excel in water activities. Their curly, woolly coat is perfect for swimming, and they’re often used in water rescues and herding.

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