Dutch Shepherd vs. Belgian Malinois

These two breeds are common working dogs.

That share many similarities but a few differences as well.

Both breeds were originally established as livestock herding dogs to help farmers.

The Dutch Shepherd originating in the Netherlands & Belgian Malinois from Belgium.

The Dutch Shepherd came close to extinction after WWII.

The Belgian Malinois gained popularity in the US in the late 50s.

Both are high energy & extremely trainable.

While they are similar in stature, their coats are the main difference.

The Malinois can be 1 of 5 colors but the muzzle is typically black.

The Dutch Shepherd, however, always features a black or brown brindle coloring.

Both breeds are commonly used in law enforcement & military.

Their high drive, agility & genetic composition makes them preferable to German Shepherds.

While some do keep them as pets, these breeds require A LOT of attention & exercise to live in a home.

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