Coloring of the Belgian Malinois

This breed has a variety of colors and coats.

Some are breed standard according to the AKC but there are many others as well.

A complex interplay of genetics causes these variances.

To meet breed standard, the Malinois must have a black "mask".

This includes the muzzle, ears & eye rims.

AKC standard colors include: -Fawn -Fawn/Sable -Mahogany -Red -Red/Sable

Their coat should be very short on the head, ears & lower legs.

White spots on the toes & breastbone are allowable.

Non-AKC standard colors are also possible.

These include: -Black -Brindle -Liver -Cream -Cream/Sable -Grey -Grey/Sable

Their coloring patterns are as striking as their intelligence & performance.

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