Can Dogs Eat Plant-Based Meat?

As plant-based meat products rise in popularity, many are wondering — can dogs safely eat it?

Some pet owners may want to feed their dogs plant-based meat for ethical & environmental concerns or assumed health benefits.

And the reality is - domesticated dogs have become omnivores like humans.

Some pros of plant-based meat for dogs are: -Digestibility -Reduced allergens -Fortified with nutrients

However, there is a also a long list of cons: -Incomplete amino acid profile -Additives & seasonings -Filler ingredients -Cost

Most importantly, there is limited research done on the safety of plant-based meat diets for dogs.

Current studies show no major convincing evidence of harm but are potentially biased by funding groups.

Dogs need complete essential nutrients in their diet & it's hard to fulfill those needs entirely with plant-based meat.

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