How to Train a Dog on  E-Collar

E-collars can be excellent training tools for a dog.

When used properly, they're an effective way to communicate during the training process.

E-collars utilize a radio signal to deliver an adjustable stimulus sent via remote.

They can be used to discourage negative behavior or encourage compliance.

The dog learns they can control the annoying stimulus with their behavior.

E-collars provide clear & timely feedback during training.

The feedback is adjustable & can be used at further distances than verbal communication.

They're great for off-leash training.

The first step is to establish the best fit so the device works properly.

Then the "working level" can be established.

This is when there is a slight but noticeable change in the dog's demeanor.

Start with commands the dog knows.

Once the dog performs the command, stop the stimulus.

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