How to Cut Black Dog Nails

Cutting your dog's nails can be a daunting task. Especially when the nails are dark.

But long nails can lead to arthritis, infection & abscess so it's a necessary part of dog ownership.

Black dog nails make it hard to distinguish between the nail & the "quick."

The "quick" is a sensitive part of the nail that contains nerves & blood vessels.

There are a variety of nail cutting tools available: -guillotine clippers -scissor clippers -plier-style clippers -nail grinders

Grinders are easiest for cutting black dog nails.

Step 1: Conditioning a dog for nail cutting. 

This can be done with clicker training & food.

Step 2: Examine the nails.

Do this in a well-lit area.

Step 3: Trim the nails.

Step 4: Be prepared if you cut the quick.

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