Can drug dogs smell mushrooms?

Drug dogs can be trained to detect many illegal & legal substances.

Most police dogs are trained to detect different classes of narcotics.

Magic mushrooms, shrooms, psilocybin mushrooms are classified as hallucinogens. 

Often, dogs aren't trained to detect psilocybin, however, through experience they can form an association between hallucinogenic substances such as psilocybin.

There are many ways to train drug dogs to detect these odors.

The process is called "imprinting".

During the process, dogs begin to associate a specific odor with a reward.

Once the dog correctly identifies the specific odor, they are then trained to perform a final response. Usually sitting, staring or scratching.

Dogs are not smelling for the mushroom itself but rather the chemical compound found in the mushroom or other hallucinogen.

Depending on experience level & imprinting training, drug dogs may be able to smell mushrooms.

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