What are the best bomb-sniffing dog breeds?

Bomb dogs have unique abilities & play a vital role in maintaining security.

Different breeds are used for their drive, trainability, energy levels, agility & intelligence.

The Belgian Malinois is a common breed used by military & police.

German Shepherds while once most common are still used but less often than the Belgian Malinois today.

Dutch Shepherds are a high drive breed similar to the Belgian Malinois & German Shepherd and another common bomb dog.

The German Shorthair Pointer has gained popularity recently for bomb detection work. Commonly seen in airports.

Labradors also make good bomb-sniffing dogs & are good for crowded areas due to their friendly disposition.

Bomb sniffing dogs can be used in airports, arenas, stadiums, concert venues, malls, mass transit facilities, prisons & gov't buildings.

Each breed has it's own characteristics but often it comes down to the personality trait of the individual dog itself.

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